Elderly Homecare Services

Homecare services for the elderly

Homecare services can come in many forms for elderly citizens or people suffering from dementia, alzheimers or other debilitating physical conditions.

Care attendants, or home help as they have popularly been referred to, can offer a range of services and support functions including:

Homecare by its very nature can be flexible to meet the varying demands of clients and carers. Kentish Home Care can provide day care, emergency care, long term 24 hour care and short breaks for unpaid family carers.

Sessions can range from quick 15 minute visits to full 24 hour assistance and any other requirements inbetween. We can provide a full and extensive series of homecare services for the elderly to help them and their families achieve a regular routine and sense of equlibrium and agency.

Recent research commissioned by the Social Care Institute for Excellence -”VIEW” looked into exactly what older people wanted from a modern and efficient homecare service.

They wanted to remain in their own homes whenever possible. They have lived in their homes and communities sometimes for decades and are very familiar and comfortable in their surroundings. Uprooting them for a new location or home may be difficult to adapt to and could lead to a fear over a perceived loss of independence.

They want to receive a good quality of life no matter how frail or physically challenged they are. They want to meet socialise, go outside when possible and take part in community life. Interaction with other people is a major consideration for them even if it’s for a few minutes every day to say hello and chat about what they have been up to.

Everybody wants to make friends and older people are no exception. Older people want to develop good relationships with their carers and become friends with them. A warm and familiar face is something to look forward to every day and a regular part of a schedule will help them remain in their long-established routines.

Older people are no different to any other client and want to receive the highest quality care personalised for them. There are so many different issues that can affect a person as they age both physical and mental, that a one size fits all approach is not applicable. By personalising their treatment package and letting them know what elements are specifically targeted towards them will help them accept their new routines.

Homecare services are becoming an essential and regular part of everyday life as the UK population ages and providing the best, personalised services and experience is what we strive for at Kentish Home Care.

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