Dementia Care

Dementia care in your own home

There are many benefits for clients with early or later stages of dementia in remaining in their homes as long as practicably possible.  It’s a familiar and comforting place where they can adjust to this new stage of their life and where friends and family can get to them in surroundings they prefer.

Dementia care does involve more help for everyone involved however. Family and friends will step up to do more caring roles and duties including more household tasks and chores, while professionals can also provide a range of other services including domestic, medical and respite care so the family carers can recharge their own batteries from time to time.

At Kentish Home Care, we provide a fully personal and professional carer service that can support clients and their carers in the home environment.

We can supplement or take over the most demanding or routine domestic chores requiring one or two people including making beds, dusting, sweeping, washing and cleaning. We can come in for 24 hour care and help or just supply an auxiliary support service for a few hours a week that we can build around an agreed timetable of set times and dates. This can be important dealing with a patient with dementia to give them certainty and reliability in a confusing time.

Our experienced professional carers can also provide a meal preparation service where they can come and prepare a daily meal or prepare for specific dietary needs in advance to make sure they are constantly fed. This also includes diet-friendly snacks and beverages to keep their energy levels up and remain hydrated throughout the day.

We can also provide a more medical and clinically orientated service if required to help if certain medications or other medical tasks are to be administered. We can set up and carry out a medication schedule at a set time of day or help monitor the client and their supplies to make sure they are sticking to a schedule themselves.  We can also perform additional checking in and monitoring even if they are not on medication to provide a friendly face to chat to and make sure everything is going ok.

We can keep the same carers in the visiting rotation so the client won’t be disorientated with a stream of new people, adding to their confusion.  Their knowledge, experience, training and caring natures let them fulfil their duties with maximum efficiency but with a human touch to let the client know they are the most important people and that they are being cared for.
Kentish Home Care only employs the best qualified and experience carers who collectively have hundreds of years of experience helping and caring for the most vulnerable members of society. They regularly care for clients with dementia, Alzheimer’s and other degenerative conditions as well as physical impairments whether temporary or permanent.

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